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Deadly 30

2012-03-31 22:00:16 by The-titan

Hey dudes, I present you with a game me and Gonzossm made go check it out and buy it if you like it, or don't, atleast share it? :3 <3

The Titan is Back with a Brand new Rap!

2011-01-16 22:51:01 by The-titan

When its my birthday again and i feel like i have something to post news about, so i could just update to what ive been up to.
Well im 22 now, but i like growing up i wanna be a man! and not like i can do anything about it so ill just enjoy it! :D
As for this year i've pretty much given it away to working for Nitrome as a full time programmer, you probably played some of my games already, that was all fun and a lot of new experiences and much new i have learned, which is all great but i had to leave because i always have been loving to be independant.
You'll be seeing a lot more from me, i havent posted anything for more than 2 years ouch... and Ninja Rampage 2 is a failed project because i quit FOG as well... 2.7 years go by so quickly damn.
I went into iphone programming as well, fun stuff i can tell you, but it takes 10x times longer to do something that you would in flash...

oh and Starcraft 2 is awesome! anyone from europe should add me :3

Ninja Rampage 2 and stuff

2009-08-20 14:43:52 by The-titan

Hello comrades, this is Ignatus Zuk speaking, so im in UK now... back working for, all doing good.

But the really awesome thing i wanted to say here is that my first project is Ninja Rampage 2. i've started with programming the engine but i've also done some graphics for it as you can see... c:

other than all that i am alive and good for who ever cares hah.

Ninja Rampage 2 and stuff

So its my birthday... today/tomorrow (16th) how great is that... right? im getting old!
Have nothing really to add except I've been trying to work on my game "Kings"... and that's when this friend of mine said i should use Classes for everything (OOP) that is, so ive started learning OOP and its so much different, so it greatly slowed down the game development process.

If anyone knows any good books or video tutorials please LINK :D
because i really want to learn OOP, i can see how awesome it is.

and other than all that... it so sad i cant get to thouse NG meets, last year i was in london till 18th when the meet was on 19th(i think) and neither this year :c ah well hopefully they do it next year, i can sure do that.

and well hope everyone is fine and having a good day.


Another:Year = new Year();

2008-12-31 02:45:59 by The-titan

Well 2008 was a good year of knowledge gain, lets see what i did in that year... work for FreeOnlineGames, Learned PHP/MySql, XML, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Actionscript 3.0, improved my Pixelart. All in one year time, heh heh. Didnt really have much life though, im hoping in 2009 to get it, since im moving out to the UK in 3 months, should be fun alright.

And what have you done in 2008 you lazy bastards? c:

Happy new year everyone (I really mean it HAPPY)

ALSO i wanted to add, I'm in the east so i get to experience 2009 before most of you :D

much love!

Back into:games + New game();

2008-12-11 11:48:38 by The-titan

Okay dear people of Newgrounds, What i clearly wanted to say is that I am not Dead...and actually more active on NG than before, Also i wanted to say that I'm back into flash games, no big surprise, don't ask why no big deal, the big deal is... i am working on a new game.

Start date was exactly 20 November, only 20 days of work so its not that far to completion, i give it another 2 months.

And I have a teaser picture for you guys (Still need an actual name for a game) :D enjoy.

Back into:games + New game();


2008-10-10 04:27:07 by The-titan

Im leaving flash industry for web design, i still wanna hang around Newgrounds though, great place.
just wanted to let you all know that,

for people with deaviantart - im a lot more active on DA

and for last.... here's a Trebuchet i made for a game which will never be finished now:


Back From HELL + new game

2008-03-08 08:29:21 by The-titan

I Finally Got A Perfect Proxy to unblock Newgrounds,
just so everyone knows why i could answer your messages before
- Newgrounds is blocked in DUBAI -

So - for the updates, i havent been able to work on Ninja Rampage 2 ( really sorry mateys )

Been working on a website with a friend :

And ive finnished a new game called Pirates vs Ninjas, you will see it on here soon,
i personally dont think its the best game but yeah, its alright...S

ScreenShot! :

Back From HELL + new game


2007-12-27 08:43:32 by The-titan

I guess im gonna start working on ninja rampage 2 ...about now,
only im still gonna have to ask someone to upload it to newgrounds for me, With THIS account :D
any Last super awesome ideas that i can put in the game mates?

and yes im in LONDON right now :P




2007-12-23 19:32:08 by The-titan

Yeah im in London, yeah i can finaly submit stuff ive been making all this time beeing away!